I cannot recommend enough the experience of inductive Bible study. So simple!

  1. Observe the text,
  2. Interpret the text,
  3. Apply it to your life.

Nobody said it was easy (No. 3 is a doozy) but it is transformative.

I learned this method from the Precepts Upon Precepts Ministry   There are other popular sources for training but as a student and teacher I have found years worth of value here in my own Biblical journey.

The publishing arm of the ministry has books by many authors, including its founder, Kay Arthur. With all due respect to the Mrs. Arthur, my favorite by far has been Pam Gillaspie.

Just as I was getting ready to teach one of her courses for the second time, she came through with an online teaching series that is so AMAZING that I knew it answered all the requirements God had put on my heart to get this Bible study going.

So, if you need a written invitation, here it is:

Go to Pam Gillaspie’s site and sign up. She will send you the first lesson in a PDF form and get you registered. There is a workbook you will want to purchase but the course is free.

So far, local participation consists of Jerry, the deer my husband harvested a few years ago, and me. We’re pictured  doing our Bible study thang in the early morning hours today. If you are a local, I would really love to study this with you. Contact me for arrangements.

Because Jerry is really bad at selfies.


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