That’ll Preach

What to do about the teens? Last night we decided to let them tell us how they want to investigate the Word and their faith during the next school year.

We feel confident they’ll make a good choice. Our most faithful attender has voiced an interest in simply joining the younger classes that’s where he’ll probably end up. His reasons are so sweet: He wants to be around for his nine and ten year old nephews.

Our reasons for allowing him to be an associate in teaching may be selfish. It’s hard to imagine a better role model for a year in which we are focussing on the work of discipleship. Charles (not his real name) is naturally civic-minded and participates in every fundraiser that comes through town. He usually walks away with the prize for “Most Canned Food Collected” or “Most Calls Made.”

This year my prayer is that he continues to to identify the best in himself with the sacrifice of his Savior.


Lord, We are so grateful for the gift of Charles in our church. May he never give up Your call on his life. We pray you help him keep his innocence that he may never be lost in cynicism born of pride in his own service. Let us model the love that You give us to give away, born of gratitude for our own salvation and the salvation of our friends and loved ones. In Jesus name, let us be suffering servants, too. Amen.


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